Headhunting service – Top 6 reputable operating units in Vietnam 2024

What is headhunting service?
What is headhunting service?

In the context of a growing economy and increasing demand for high-quality human resources, Headhunting service has become an important solution to help businesses find and recruit top talents. . In 2024, many Headhunting service providers in Vietnam have affirmed their position in the market thanks to their professionalism and efficiency in operations. In this article, we will introduce to you the top 6 most reputable units operating in the field of Headhunting service in Vietnam, to help businesses have more reliable options for their recruitment needs. .

What is headhunting service?

Headhunter service is also known as senior recruitment service, or senior personnel search consulting.

In the world, this type of service was born and developed a long time ago. In Vietnam, headhunting services began to appear in the early 2000s and in recent years have become widely known and exploded. High-level recruitment services are gradually becoming an important part of the labor market in Vietnam.

Headhunting services are provided by an independent headhunter (freelancer) or a recruitment consulting company (Executive Search Firm/ Headhunting Company).

This service is that headhunters will help businesses and employers find quality candidates and personnel that fit the requirements and corporate culture. Only high-level positions such as experts, department heads, directors, deputy directors, etc., and positions that are difficult to recruit, need headhunting services.

Because the labor market’s human resource needs are increasingly diverse and require talented and experienced people. Solving human resource problems must be timely, with high quality human resources… always a matter of concern in every business.

However, for each recruitment agency, costs and service packages vary. This article will reveal some effective recruitment service packages and prices of headhunting services on the market.

What is headhunting service?
What is headhunting service?

TOP 6 reputable headhunting units in Vietnam in 2024


Aniday was born to help businesses take advantage of a network of experts/headhunts to find and attract talents. We believe trusting each other will help you go faster and do more meaningful things. Individuals need to trust their colleagues to empower and support them to do their job well. On the contrary, each person must build a reputation to retain people’s trust. And always choose reputable customers and partners.


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HRChannels is a senior HR solutions provider headquartered in Hanoi, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. With prestige and efficiency brought to businesses, HRChannels is a famous unit, especially in the field of senior personnel recruitment.

Services provided by HRChannels include online recruitment, consulting and searching for senior personnel, and networking.


Navigos Search

Navigos Search is one of the leading, most prestigious and effective headhunter units in the recruitment market today, especially strong in recruiting senior personnel.

Outstanding strengths of Navigos Search:

– Owning a recruitment website system that is being visited by many people and has a large candidate traffic volume like Vietnamworks.

– Huge amount of data, ready to fully provide high-quality, high-quality candidates for employers.

– Owning a Headhunter team with extremely wide “networks”.

– There are recruitment groups divided into each field: Manufacturing, information technology, banking,…

Navigos Search
Navigos Search

Manpower Group

Established in 2008 with 100% investment capital from Manpower Group, Manpower does not choose to diversify types of activities but only focuses on providing human resources, consulting and providing labor solutions in one place. number of industries such as manufacturing, insurance, banking, restaurants, and hotels.

In particular, in 2018, Manpower Group was honored as one of the most ethical companies in the world for 8 consecutive years, and was also ranked by Fortune as one of the most admirable companies, affirming it is a trusted brand in the global human resources field.

Manpower Group
Manpower Group


Originating from NTQ Solution Group with 9 years of experience in the field of IT Outsourcing for the Japanese market, RECO was born with the mission of a recruitment ecosystem, a bridge between businesses and IT candidates.

Services that RECO provides include:

– RECO 7: Speedy recruitment service with a process that only takes 7 days after receiving a request from the business.

– RECO Onsite: Solution for hiring human resources, providing Onsite human resources – Dispatching large numbers in a short time for most human resource needs in the field of Information Technology.

– RECO BOT (Building – Operate – Transfer): Comprehensive human resource solution for businesses with a full process of Construction – Operation – Transfer stages.



HR company Hr2B was established in 2003 and consisted of only one employee at that time, with the initial purpose of consulting on human resource management. However, following the development momentum and understanding the human resource problems that businesses are facing, Hr2B officially “encroached” into the field of headhunting.

After nearly 10 years of development, Hr2B is constantly growing, bringing a lot of value to businesses, serving as a bridge for high-level positions with candidates with suitable qualifications.

HR company Hr2B 
HR company Hr2B

05 notes on how to choose a cooperation unit

Finding the right cooperation unit can be crucial for your business success. Here are 5 key points to consider when making this decision:

Recruitment speed

The most important thing when choosing a headhunting unit is their recruitment speed. You need to ensure that the unit has the ability to search and recruit personnel in a short period of time, helping you quickly fill important positions in the company.

Reasonable prices and clear and transparent policies

Carefully check the service price list and accompanying policies. Make sure that the headhunting unit offers reasonable prices and has clear and transparent policies on the recruitment process, ensuring there are no hidden or unexpected costs.

Choose a headhunting service that matches your recruitment requirements

Each company has unique recruitment requirements. You should choose a headhunting unit with experience and expertise appropriate to the field and position you need to recruit. This ensures that they understand your needs and are able to find the right candidate.

Brand of the headhunter unit

The brand and reputation of the headhunting unit are important factors. Reputable agencies often have large networks and access to high-quality candidates. You should research and choose units that have established brands in the market.

Have good customer service

A good headhunting unit not only provides effective recruitment services but also has good customer care service. They need to listen, understand and support you throughout the recruitment process, ensuring satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

When choosing a headhunting agency, carefully consider the above factors to ensure that you find the most suitable partner for your recruitment needs.

05 notes to choose a cooperation unit
05 notes to choose a cooperation unit

Some frequently asked questions Headhunting service

What is Headhunting Service?

Headhunting, or executive search service, is a specialized recruitment process aimed at finding highly qualified candidates for senior management or executive positions in businesses. Headhunters often approach candidates who are not actively looking for a new job (passive candidates).

How is headhunting different from traditional recruitment?

Unlike traditional recruitment, headhunting focuses on finding and approaching passive candidates who have experience and success in similar roles. Headhunters often use their extensive network of relationships and expertise to find suitable candidates.

How does the headhunting process take place?

The headhunting process includes many steps such as identifying customer needs, researching and identifying potential candidates, approaching and interviewing candidates, assessing skills and suitability, and finally providing support. during the negotiation and accession process.

What are the benefits of using headhunting services?

Using headhunting services helps businesses save time and resources, access top talents, ensure the recruitment process is fast and effective, and keep information confidential during the recruitment process.

How to choose a reputable headhunting unit?

To choose a reputable headhunting unit, you should consider recruitment speed, reasonable and transparent prices, services suitable to recruitment requirements, brand and reputation of that unit, as well as service quality. customer service they provide.

Does Headhunting Service guarantee recruitment success?

Although headhunting agencies often have a high success rate, there are no complete guarantees in recruitment. However, reputable units often provide warranty services, committing to replacing candidates within a certain period of time if they are not suitable.

We sincerely thank readers for taking the time to read this article. Your interest and support is the driving force for us to continue providing useful and quality information. Hopefully this article about Headhunting services and top 6 reputable units in Vietnam in 2024 has brought you necessary and valuable knowledge in the process of searching and recruiting personnel.

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