Top 10 Leading Headhunting Companies in Vietnam

 Choosing a suitable Headhunt company
 Choosing a suitable Headhunt company

Top 10 headhunters in Vietnam is a list of the most prestigious recruitment companies today, known for their ability to find and connect talented candidates with leading businesses. This article will introduce in detail the top 10 headhunting companies in Vietnam, helping you have an overview and choose a reliable recruitment partner for your needs.

What is a headhunter?

Headhunt companies are units that provide talent search services for businesses. Often when businesses want to recruit senior personnel from management level or higher, they will look to headhunting companies instead of openly recruiting themselves.

Businesses can still proactively recruit personnel for their company. However, when working with a third party headhunt company, they can save costs, time, and effort of internal personnel.

Headhunt companies provide recruitment services that suit the customer’s goals and always ensure the “headhunting” process takes place professionally, helping businesses achieve the ultimate goal of “recruiting talented people”.

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Top 10 headhunting companies in Vietnam

  1. Aniday

Aniday is a recruitment company and a direct connection between job seekers, headhunters and businesses. This company has caused a stir in the recruitment market by solving the problem of “being ignored” by employers and creating a model of direct interaction between stakeholders.

Advantages of Aniday:

Solve the problem of “ghosting” in the recruitment process, helping candidates avoid the situation of not receiving a response from the employer.

Creates a direct interactive environment between job seekers and employers, giving candidates the opportunity to communicate directly with headhunters and receive timely support.

  1. Navigos Search

Navigos Search is the leading “talent hunting” service provider in Vietnam under the Navigos group. The company focuses on solutions that help businesses recruit mid- to high-level personnel.

With a large team of consultants, rich in experience, diverse specialties and a large network of relationships, Navigos Search is proud to be a companion in the development process of many major partners.

The company’s mission is not only to be a recruitment partner but also “to help every candidate and company achieve their dreams”.

Currently, Navigos Group is leading the market with 3 recruitment brands: Navigos Search, Vietnamworks, and Primus.

Navigos Search
Navigos Search
  1. Adecco Vietnam

Adecco Vietnam belongs to the global Adecco Group, a leading provider of payroll, recruitment, and human resources outsourcing services in Vietnam. Since its establishment in 2011, Adecco Vietnam has been diligently bringing career opportunities to hundreds of people every year, and becoming a trusted partner to more than 550 customers in diverse fields.

Adecco owns a team of staff with extensive expertise and experience covering the globe, capable of providing optimal human resource solutions to serve the development of each business.

Adecco’s service quality is guaranteed by customers with 92% showing satisfaction in 2020. The company also commits to an absolutely transparent and clear process of working with customers, providing reports. Details help businesses clearly understand information about their personnel.

Adecco Vietnam
Adecco Vietnam
  1. Manpower Vietnam

Manpower is a leading human resources company in Vietnam, part of ManpowerGroup. This is also a 100% foreign-invested company licensed to provide recruitment, human resources and outsourcing services by the Ministry of Labor of Vietnam.

Manpower focuses on providing consulting services and human resources solutions for a number of typical industries such as banking, insurance, pharmacy, hotels and restaurants, manufacturing, etc. With a scale of operations in many countries and territories, to date, hundreds of thousands of people have had job opportunities thanks to Manpower.

Manpower Vietnam
Manpower Vietnam
  1. Persolkelly Vietnam

Persolkelly is among the top of the largest human resources service companies in Asia – Pacific with comprehensive human resources solutions. Persolkelly is headquartered in Singapore and has more than 50 offices in 14 markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Persolkelly Vietnam provides solutions for high-end human resource search, human resource selection, labor rehiring, compensation and human resources process outsourcing (RPO).

Persolkelly Vietnam
Persolkelly Vietnam
  1. NIC

NIC was founded in 2002, is the first human resource solutions company in Vietnam, recognized and trusted by leading industry experts. NIC’s goal and challenge is to become the number 1 human resources service provider in Vietnam.

The core values ​​that NIC pursues are: customer satisfaction, service quality, speed, professionalism, and cost optimization.

  1. HRchannels

HRchannels is one of the oldest headhunting companies in Vietnam with more than 13 years of construction and development. HRchannels develops a high-level recruitment channel with more than 2 million management level candidates and owns the “SuperHunt” Recruitment Factory system – a hunting software combined with AI.

HRchannels provides services such as online recruitment, executive search, consulting and networking. With a team of professional consultants and modern technology solutions, customers who are businesses or candidates who come to HRchannels can easily achieve their goals.

  1. HR1 Vietnam

HR1 Vietnam was established in 2012 to provide human resources and recruitment services. The company focuses on meeting the recruitment needs of multinational and domestic companies in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region.

Starting as a recruitment solutions provider, HR1 Vietnam has expanded its services to payroll, training, and consulting.

HR1 Vietnam
HR1 Vietnam
  1. TopDev

TopDev is famous as the leading IT job search platform in Vietnam with more than 300,000 developer profiles. This is a pioneer and unique unit in Vietnam in the field of information technology, supporting hundreds of domestic and international companies to build and develop recruitment brands.

TopDev also produces detailed and quality reports on the IT market and human resources of the IT industry in Vietnam, providing a realistic view for businesses and workers.

  1. HR2B

HR2B was founded in 2003, initially focusing only on consulting services. Currently, through the process of construction and development, HR2B has expanded to other services such as human resources recruitment, salary consulting, and many other human resources consulting services.

HR2B has become a trusted partner of more than 900 leading businesses in Vietnam. Our experienced and dedicated staff is still providing the most optimal human resource solutions to customers.

HR2B - top 10 headhunter in vietnam
HR2B – top 10 headhunter in vietnam

How to choose a suitable Headhunt company?

  1. Clear and transparent policy

When evaluating a headhunting company, factors that businesses cannot ignore are their service packages and pricing policies.

Often headhunt companies will provide different service packages to serve the diverse needs of customers. Each package will have different benefits and standards corresponding to different prices.

Before signing a partnership with any party, make sure all information about prices and policies are discussed clearly and transparently.

  1. Field of operation of the company

A headhunt company can provide recruitment services for many positions in different fields, but there are also companies that have their own strengths in a certain field.

If your business needs to recruit information technology personnel, it would be better to cooperate with a party that specializes in IT personnel recruitment.

These companies not only have extensive experience in their key fields, but also have existing networks of talent connections within the industry. This helps businesses quickly find suitable candidates.

  1. Dedicated support

When entrusting almost the entire recruitment process to a third party, what any business hopes to receive is enthusiastic support. Consider this factor carefully before deciding which party to work with.

  1. Company reputation in the market

The reputation of a headhunting company in the market is also extremely important, especially because this is a business closely related to human factors. Recruiting talent through a reputable company also partly creates sympathy for candidates, initially making a good impression on them.

 Choosing a suitable Headhunt company
Choosing a suitable Headhunt company

Your interest and support is a great motivation for us to continue providing useful and quality information. Aniday hopefully this article about the Top 10 headhunters in Vietnam has brought you valuable knowledge and choices in finding a suitable recruitment partner.

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